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13 Secret Google Functions That Can Instantly Make Your Life Happier And Easier

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13 Secret Google Functions That Can Instantly Make Your Life Happier And Easier

1. Tic-Tac-Toe

Feeling bored? Simply type Tic Tac Toe on Google and this cool mind game will appear and you can have a bout with the system if you please.

2. Say Hello to Allo!

Allo is Google’s chat app that not only lets you have awesome doodling and sticker fun with your pals, but also helps you search Google for anything you need with its handy assistant.

3. A Really Handy Search

If you are on an Android smartphone and want to know something that’s on your screen, just press and hold the button and Google will search some stuff about it for you. Try it here.

4. Need an Alarm?

Just type Timer in the Google search and set the timer or stopwatch for the duration you want it to.

5. Translate Pesky Texts

With the Google Translate app you can translate texts from files, go hand free and speak the text and even use your camera to translate text from pictures and signs.

6. Get all Mails at Gmail

Gmailify can help you gather all the emails from different email accounts. You can get help here.

7. Go Brighter

Need to set reminders and write notes in a colorful way? Try Google Keep.

8. Get the best. Font, that is

Have the words and need the text? Try Google Fonts to get the best scripts for your project.

9. Beauty, All Around

You can upload photos to Google maps (previously known as Panoramio) giving you a peek into the world around.

10. A Worm in Your Head?

So you need to know what song is playing. Google Sound Search can tell you that.

11. Pick Google’s Brain

Think with Google helps you keep track with latest research, ongoing consumer trends and the newest insights in marketing.

12. Art Lover?

You can use Google Art Project to view famous art content for inspiration, without leaving your workstation!

13. An Eye In the Sky

Google Sky lets you see the wonders of outer space!

Need we say more? Google it up!

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