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8 Advantages Highly Sensitive People Bring to Business


8 Advantages Highly Sensitive People Bring to Business

Highly sensitive people are “different” but different in the way that businesses need. The highly sensitive see things in ways others cannot and are the world’s greatest innovators. These are the people you want running your businesses. You want them on your creative teams to help push your business to the cutting edge. With their influence your business will stand out by creating new ideas and taking existing ideas to a new level of brilliance.

Here are eight characteristics of the highly sensitive that make them exceptional business leaders.

1. Emotional awareness.

The highly sensitive are acutely aware of their inner emotional workings. They feel the emotions of joy, happiness, love, gratitude, excitement and passion more deeply than the average person. They also experience pain, discomfort and their physical experience more intensely.

Because their thoughts, ideas and experiences tend to be richer and more profound, they are gifted with a greater insight into what makes the human being feel enough to be moved. Because they understand what moves people emotionally, they know how to capture consumers with creative products and ideas. This makes them undeniable assets in the world of commercialism.

2. Great empathy.

The highly sensitive are built with a natural and deep empathy towards others making them powerful leaders, teachers, coaches, guides and mentors. The emotionally sensitive are completely “tuned in” to the feeling experiences of others, enabling them to stop another person’s negative state from spinning out of control.

Their ability compassion makes them the great balancers in challenging situations. Because of their empathy, they tend to react to the emotions in others, giving them the insight to calm and provide practical solutions that ease tensions. When the emotions in others are positive, the highly sensitive are skilled in building upon those emotions to more deeply inspire and motivate their team to the cause.

3. Dedicated to fairness and justice.

The highly sensitive stand for what is right. All of their senses are magnified making them live through feeling rather than rationalizing. This makes them ‘relationship oriented’ rather than ‘agenda oriented’ in their approach. Because their sensitivities and insights are other-focused, they make sure all ideas generated benefit the justice of the whole system. All business communications are focused on far-sighted, rather than short-sighted, agreements.

The highly sensitive have exactly what it takes to change the face of all facets of their business due to their commitment to justice and life being based on nothing less than honesty and integrity. They never seek to greedily secure a deal. For them there is no justice in greed and for this the highly sensitive are your greatest allies.

4. Leaders.

The emotionally sensitive are committed to creating dynamic, highly productive, value-based organizations that hire people who are passionate about their work. They give others ample opportunity to grow, making them feel valued and respected. They are concise in giving those they manage clarity about their roles and responsibilities, eliminating confusion.

They do not support the high-control, low-trust model in directing their team. Rather, they empower others to be the creative developers of their own skills in getting to the next level of their career.

Innovation never happens in a vacuum, so the emotionally sensitive value, build and maintain large networks of people, assets and establishments. Collaboration is highly valued as diversity provides them varying viewpoints to grasp the full spectrum of challenges which may arise economically, technologically, and financially.

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