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How To Earn Money From Your Smartphone Photos

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How To Earn Money From Your Smartphone Photos

How To Earn Money From Your Smartphone Photos

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual one, there is an extensive marketplace for mobile photography. Smartphones now have cameras and lenses designed to take photos in vivid detail, capturing moments in all their glory. Whether you have a montage of mobile photography dedicated to nature, sports, or architecture, there’s likely a place on the internet where you can sell it. The demand for authentic photos over stock-looking images with a lack of originality continues to grow. Here are some of the best apps and services you can use to sell your iPhone art.

1. Foap

This app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, is designed to help mobile photographers profit from their hard work. With the app, users can simply start uploading their photos and making them available for purchase as stock images. For every picture sold, users make $5, and they can sell the same image an unlimited amount of times.

2. Clashot

Perhaps the best part about Clashot is it is one of the more popular stock photos sites in the world. This means that there is a greater chance that people will see your mobile photography and possibly purchase it. Similar to other stock photo sites, Clashot asks you to upload your best pictures for buyers to review. You can sell your work for between $0.50 and $80, and you will earn commission for every piece that is purchased.

3. Snapwire

Similar to Foap, the goal of Snapwire is to allow users to sell their mobile photography for money. However, Snapwire also introduces challenges that ask photographers to submit their best work for cash (think $100, rather than $5). As users build more credibility on the site over time, they can potentially receive requests from buyers.

4. Stockimo

If you want a company with a reputation you can believe in, try Stockino. It’s a subsidiary of Alamy, one of the world’s largest stock photo agencies. Since it started, the company has paid $140M out to photographers. The process is simple – upload mobile photography from your smartphone into Stockimo, and once it’s approved, it goes up for sale. You receive commission for every photo sold, and you are permitted to retain the copyright to your work.

5. Snapcape

If you want more direction when you get into the business of selling your mobile photography, give Snapcape a shot. Snapcape asks you to sell your photos within certain categories, such as restaurants, hotels, pets and laptops. However, you need to submit 10 photos to the administrators via email to hone in on the perfect candidates for the company’s group of artists.

6. Shutterstock

Another website where you’re guaranteed to be seen is Shutterstock, which has paid out $350M to its contributors. Users can keep their copyright and earn up to 30 percent of the sale price of their mobile photography. Pictures can also be sold for more money, depending on their size. Over time, the amount of cash that users earn per download increases as well. Mobile photographers are also permitted to license their content for non-exclusivity.

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